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Hey, I'm Andrea Ball

Here's my story: 
I love reading books, writing books, hosting events and meeting new people.
I decided to build a life doing only what I love.
The pursuit of passion led me here. Welcome! 
Here you can find my latest events,
new books and current reads. 
I'm newly grown and still figuring out life.
You're invited to join me on the journey. 

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If you claimed 2020 as "your year" this conference is FOR YOU.
We're covering everything you need to get you to your next level.


Part One: Credit Restoration

This session includes basic credit information, how to repair credit, how to rebuild credit & the tools you need to do it all.

Part Two: Money Management

This session will cover creating an effective budget, the importance of saving, the importance of insurance & how to cut costs.

Part Three: New Income Streams

WE'RE TEACHING HOW TO SECURE THE BAG! Multiple streams of income is for everyone. We're introducing new industries and how you can make money from each.

Need a host or speaker for your next event?